Video Management

Become newsworthy with professional, dynamic videos that showcase your services and business in the best possible light. Do you think this will get you noticed?

The question and answer only makes logical sense. Having your business show up when it matters makes all the difference in the world to your potential clients.

Your video presence is like having you working for your business 24 hours a day non-stop. Your video presence speaks about your business in the EXACT manner in which you want. We put you and your business in front of the clients that are ready to make a decision.

Nothing captivates like video, which is why viewers retain 95% of the info from watching a video compared to 10% when reading a text.

Videos can do everything from simplifying a complex story, increase conversion rates, skyrocketing social media video success, help pitch someone on your business, educate, and so much more.

As a world-class video company, we drive the entire process from strategy, assistance to scriptwriting, voiceover, and music. We can even help you implement the videos into your marketing strategy across social media, SEO, & more. No hand-holding required.

Having a business video has incredible results:

  • 53x more likely to appear in Google search results

  • 98% of potential clients watch to learn more about your business

  • 7x more likely to be shared or liked by Facebook users

Everywhere you look, new data is coming out around the power of video marketing. Implementing video marketing services into your digital marketing campaigns is a no-brainer way to GREATLY improve your results. Want increased conversion rates? More time spent on pages? Better SEO rankings? Improved rankings? We put the marketing video we create for your business in the right places.

Branded, among other things, is a video marketing company. We implement top of the line marketing strategies and expertise with world-class visual content production, bringing our clients not just nice-looking videos, but entire strategies and implementations on how to get the videos to produce results, which is all that matters for your business to succeed online. Anyone can build a video. Not everyone has years of experience piecing together game-plans that ensure that you’re leveraging video marketing strategy to drive revenue growth for your business.

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